Security Deposits

Paid a Security Deposit? Want it back? Losing your security deposit or being overcharged for damages at rentals around UCF is quite common. Here are 5 simple steps to “secure” your chance of getting some or all of your deposit back and not be overcharged for damages:


Look at your lease before you move out, especially any addendums about the security deposit. Do all steps required precisely (cleaning carpets, turning in keys, forwarding address, etc.)


After you move out your belongings and clean, take dated photos of your apartment including your bedroom, your bath and any major problems in the common living areas. Photograph all furniture that was provided for by the landlord.


Do a move-out inspection with the landlord, or at least, get a copy of your move-in inspection sheet before you leave.

Keys & Address

Get a dated receipt for turning in your keys at the leasing office or, mail them by certified mail. Do NOT ever leave your keys in your apartment when you move out. Avoid using a drop box to return them, if possible.

Leave your forwarding address, in writing. Be sure it is noted in your lease file, or mail it to the landlord within 30 days after you move out, by certified mail.

Write Back

If you receive a letter from the landlord about your security deposit after you move out, write back with your specific objections to each charge within 15 days after you get their letter. Send it by certified mail.

person holding a file of papers