Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have real attorneys?

Yes. Each of our attorneys is licensed by the Florida Bar.

Can I just ask a simple question over the phone?

No. In order for our attorneys to help you, an appointment must be made by the student.

Will the attorney accompany me to court?

Yes. Legal representation up to and including all stages of trial will be provided in certain types of cases. For more information on which types are covered by our department, look at what we do on the About page.

Do you charge for your services?

No. This program is free as a service to the students, however, the program will not cover the payment of court costs, fees incidental to litigation, fines, penalties, or amounts of any judgments awarded against the student.

Who can use the service?

Anyone who has a legal problem, provided they’re a currently enrolled student at UCF.

What if I am a student at a regional campus?

If you are a student at a regional campus you can request a telephone or Skype consultation. You will need to fax or email your documents prior to the appointment.