Paid a Security Deposit? Want it Back?

Paid a Security Deposit? Want it back? Losing your security deposit or being overcharged for damages at rentals around UCF is quite common. Here are 5 simple steps to “secure” your chance of getting some or all of your deposit back and not be overcharged for damages.

What to Look For Before Signing a Lease

You should be aware that a lease is a legal document which is likely to have been prepared by the landlord’s attorney. Consequently, its provisions are likely to be most beneficial to the landlord. We hope the following will help you identify areas of potential problems / conflicts in a lease.

Open Container and Tailgating

Information for students attending gameday festivities.

Open House Party

Information for students hosting or attending a house party.

Parent Brochure

A guide for parents seeking additional information regarding Student Legal Services.

Prescription Drugs

Information on the minimum mandatory sentences for prescription drug convictions.

Automobile Insurance Basics

Tips about automobile insurance, including requirements, risks and recommendations.

Security Deposit Issues

Tips to put you in the best position to dispute a landlord’s claim on your security deposit.

Move-in Brochure

Tips and information to assist you before, during and after your move into off-campus housing.

Spring Break, Legally

Tips to avoid costly tickets and arrests while celebrating Spring Break.

Traffic Tickets

Information on traffic citations, including points on your license, the school option and insurance related consequences.

Sealing/Expungement Brochures

Tips on how criminal records affect employment, including employment applications, juvenile records, and sealing or expunging criminal records.

Stops & Searches

Tips and information regarding interactions with law enforcement.

Drug Convictions

Information on how drug convictions impact financial aid eligibility.

DUI’s: The True Cost

The fines, costs and penalties that result from driving under the influence.

Car Buying Tips

Tips and information regarding purchasing a car.

Car Buying Checklist

Things to consider when purchasing a car.